Questions & Answers

Q: What is ONE (we are CHC, now called ONE)?

In John 17 - Jesus prays the greates prayer every prayed


  • A safe space to: process life, grow, hear God's heart, learn, offload burdens, get unstuck.

  • We pray and teach prayer & leadership.

  • We love helping kids & families flourish together.

  • We offer our community a unique space to experience the goodness of God in new & fresh ways.

  • We partner with local life-giving organizations to help our community grow together to make San Antonio strong.


Q: Where is ONE? 

Most of what we do happens here: 135 W. Olmos Drive, 78212 - Come visit!

Some of what we do happens in:

  • Local hospitals

  • YMCA's

  • Churches

  • Businesses by invitation


Q: How do I know which type of prayer I should get? 

We use the prayer models we have found to be most helpful.

You will benefit from all of them!

  • If you are simply wanting a few people to pray for you or for a specific prayer need:

    • Drop in on Wednesdays from 12 - 1PM

  • If you are ready to go deeper in your personal connection with God. If you want to more clearly hear His voice:

    • Try a Connection Prayer offering in the Sanctuary, check weekly calendar and join us!

  • If you know you need healing and refreshing for your heart:

    • Join us at a Monthly Worship Gathering - 1st Wednesdays 6:30

  • If you have a specific issue or problem area that seems to keep popping up - seemingly big or little:

    • Try a Heart-to-Heart Prayer offering in the Sanctuary, check weekly calendar and join us~


* For everything EXCEPT Wednesdays 12 -1, we recommend arriving early so you don’t miss the beginning instructions. Bring something to write on. Your prayer time will be personal for you, no sharing out load expected. Others will be there as well to have their own prayer times. See you soon!


Q: Tell me more about Sanctuary Connection prayer or Heart to Heart?

These are times offered throughout the week for you to come to without registration or waiting on an appointment. Join us anytime and bring something to write in - a journal or piece of paper. Your prayer time will be personal for you, but led in a corporate setting. We pray that this is a refreshing and healing time for you - there is no pressure to share - simply come as you are and meet with Jesus.

Q: Tell me more about Connection Prayer?

Go further in your communication with God. Your prayer time is led by well-trained prayer facilitators who employ any of the following prayer methods:

Q: Tell me more about Heart to Heart Prayer?

Heart-to-Heart Personal Prayer - get answers directly from Jesus' heart to yours. Led by well-trained facilitators. In Heart-to-Heart, Jesus ministers from His heart to the heart of the person receiving prayer by speaking directly to the heart of the matter to bring clarity, understanding, peace and joy! Heart-to-Heart is very helpful for getting freedom from particular problem areas. Developed by friends of CHC, Kelly & Nate Troia - learn more here:


Q: What happens in a prayer time? 

Our one goal is that you experience God's love.

We are committed to creating a space of safety where you feel at home.

We come beside you in whatever you are asking Jesus to do in your life. 

For Sanctuary Connection & Heart to Heart Prayer Times:

  • Arrive 5 minutes early

  • Enter the larger building on the south side of campus and go left to the sanctuary.

  • Bring something to write on, we have journals available for $15

  • Trained prayer facilitators will lead your time from the front while you journal your conversations with God, some people like to share out loud when the hour session is over but there is no pressure to do this.

For Personal Prayer Path Sessions:

  • Arrive 5 minutes early

  • For personal prayer path sessions: enter the building on the north side of our small campus (the main building with office, sanctuary and kitchen is to the south).

  • Before your scheduled prayer time, you'll be greeted in the living room to fill out any needed paper work. (found here, do it now - easy!)

  • Your prayer team (usually one leader and one quiet pray-er) will greet you, answer any questions you have and get you started.

  • You can always take a water-break if 2 hours seems like a long time to you! Trust us, it will fly by!


Q: How often do you pray for and see physical healing?

Very often! Come for prayer for any need. Most people are pursuing emotional and spiritual growth, freedom or healing. Many people come NOT looking for physical healing but, in the midst of experiencing God's goodness, they do experience un-expected physical relief! Our response surveys indicate that over 40% report relief from physical ailments that they DIDN’T even come to pray for! Wow!!

We love to pray with anyone going through sickness or physical pain. Often friends battling cancer will come weekly to our Wednesday 12 - 1 drop in prayer and communion space. Though we would never “guarantee” physical healing, we do know how to help you enter into the Presence of the Great Healer. Jesus is our heartbeat and in knowing His heart, healing flows. We focus on the ONE true healer and praise Him for all the ways He brings healing into the world: through medicine, doctors, medical professionals, nutritionists, exercise and of course, through His powerful healing hand. It is our Joy to see God move in powerful, sometimes unexpected ways in every realm: spiritual, emotional, physical, eternal, natural. We hear stories of God’s healing every day!


Q.) Where do I go once I arrive? 

If you have found 135 W. Olmos Dr. - Enter on the East side by the long narrow parking lot.  Personal prayer path sessions usually take place in the single story building on the North side of the property.

Drop-in prayer spaces and classes usually take place in the 2 story building downstairs in the Sanctuary.

If you are unsure, come on in & go upstairs - our staff is happy to point you in the right direction!