The Silent Treatment

I am married to the most amazing man. I tell people all the time- the Lord was shining down on me when he reconnected me with Justin. But like any marriage, we have our disagreements. I think it’s healthy to argue and then find resolution. This process is usually quick for Justin and me, and I end up knowing him a little bit better! The older I get, the less things ever bother me, so we rarely have anything to argue about. Plus, it takes a lot to get me angry. (Although he may disagree with that statement.) 

One time, though, I got very angry. Honestly, I cannot even remember what I was incredibly angry about. Usually, it’s something Justin says that upsets me. Nonetheless, he said something that infuriated me, so I decided to give him the silent treatment. 

Now, usually, when I give Justin the silent treatment, he reaches out to me to begin a conversation so we can move on. But, this time, he was angry too. So my cold shoulder went on and on and was only met with his silence! For days, we barely spoke! Not even a word about the kids or schedules. It was a silent, unhappy home where we resided. 

After three days, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I made the decision to put down my pride and reach out to him. The silence (which I had begun) was killing me. We got in bed and I began the conversation. Tears flowed and finally communication began again between us. There had been so much miscommunication then no communication. Suddenly we understood the others’ point of view and it was time to move on. 

We turned out the lights and I snuffled. I was so glad to have my husband back. I rolled over to him and said, “I missed you.” He responded, “I missed you too.” 

Although we were in the same home and around each other all the time, we were not connected. When I had a story to tell or something to get off my chest, I had to keep it inside. I realized my silent treatment had stolen my best friend, and goodness, life was so lonely without that relationship. 

Does God feel the same way when we stray? Does he miss the relationship? Do we move around each other but never interact? Does He miss me? 

I think so. I know when I move far away from God, I sure miss Him. 

I never want to give Him the silent treatment. Just like with Justin, being in relationship with the Lord is the only way I can truly live. 

By: Carol Sobey

Cayce Harris