It's just a Dog Bite

I have always loved dogs. They are by far my family's favorite animal. We especially love rescue dogs. So, of course, we have two rescue dogs- Hunk and Harlee. 

Hunk is a Staffordshire mix. This means he’s a Pitbull. The way he came to be a part of our family was a colleague came to me after work one day and showed me a picture of a dog. “Will you save him? He’s on Death Row. He has one hour to live if nobody adopts him.” The picture showed a butterscotch colored dog behind a set of bars with his head cocked to the side. He had the epitome of ‘puppy-dog eyes’! 

Ugh- seriously- the colleague tugged at every heart string I have, so after consulting with my husband, we headed to the animal shelter and fostered Hunk. He was a wild dog- the picture was a lie! He wrapped the leash around Justin’s legs on the way out to the car! He hopped right in, though, licked all the boys and made himself at home. He was probably just glad for freedom! 

Hunk had been in quarantine at the animal shelter. We found out later that he had been picked up in a drug raid. The animal shelter was afraid the drug dealers might come and try to take him back. Hunk’s story is a way cool story, and I find a way to tell everyone who meets Hunk. Yeah- he was a drug dealers dog before we saved him. 

Hunk’s story reminds me of the story of Joseph in the Bible. Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, yet years later he became a highly regarded consultant to the King. What the world meant for evil, God meant for good. That’s Hunk! He was totally meant to protect a drug dealer, but he is protecting and loving my family (and eating organic snacks and high-grade dog food in Alamo Heights). 

Fortunately, in no-time we fell in love with Hunk and he became a part of our family. 

The thing we did not know about Hunk, is that he hates water. He won’t go near it. One time we took him to a river and literally dragged him to a rock, where he sat perched all day, unmoving. We didn’t know quite the extent of his disdain for water until we built a pool in our backyard. 

One warm summer day, we were outside swimming and my youngest son jumped from the edge of the pool straight into the blue water. Hunk snapped at his leg. When Andrew came up from under the water, he was yelling, “Hunk bit me!” 

At first, I really didn’t believe Andrew, then I saw the gash on his leg and a flesh oozing from the fresh wound. Oh my. As the mom of three boys, I knew it needed stitches. 

I took Andrew to the minor emergency clinic and sat in the car. What should I do? I knew if I told the truth, something might happen to my dog. I knew Hunk’s heart was to save my child, to pull him from the evil water, not to hurt him. I also knew, though, I needed to set a good example for my children and tell the truth. I could not make up a story as much as I wanted to protect my dog. 

So we limped into the clinic and told the story. Hunk had to be quarantined (again) for 10 days at home. It turned out fine, although Andrew has a pretty great scar on his leg. 

Yeah- so I go bit by a pitbull. No big deal. 

The Lord knows our heart and our intentions beyond what the world sees too. I know this truth so well and yet I struggle with this! I am always so concerned about offending someone or saying something the wrong way, therefore I spend too much time thinking and rethinking my words. I replay conversations in my head checking for offense. The reality is my heart is pure in everything (okay, almost everything) I do. God knows that, so I try to shrug off the thoughts that can overwhelm me of what people think. 

Hunk’s heart was good and the result of my telling the truth was just fine. I think we are fine too in what we do and say. If our heart is pure everything that flows from it will be also.

By: Carol Sobey

Cayce Harris