Hear His voice; live His prayer.  John 17

We believe you were made to hear God’s voice.  

Hearing God brings healing and freedom.

Life can be complicated, but hearing is not.  

We can help.

We offer prayer (connection & drop-in) & classes (on prayer and leadership)

We see God at work daily:

WHAT: God’s Movement

Extraordinarily Relational God - Movement of Oneness 3 ways: God, Self, Others

How: A Worship Lifestyle full of rest & free of judgement.

Where: Beyond Church Walls

God’s goodness on display in beautiful and creative ways in lives & cities

ONENESS matters Jesus lived, died and lives now to give it to us - John 17

As a team, We are committed to:

Helping people live wholeheartedly, connected to God and each other.

We do this by focusing on 2 things:

  1. Helping hearts hear & heal

  2. Creating Capacity in Community Leaders

Everyday stories:

  • The JOY of living into the relationship with God that Jesus lived and died to give us has become real for hundreds of people through CHC. People ask if we're a "church?" Yes, we are - but we are not a church as you might have known it before. ONE has become known as a place to actually connect with God and truly get help, encouragement and HOPE.

  • People who once were plagued by anxiety found peace to be their new normal.

  • People haunted by decisions or voices of the past, moved on.

  • Personal prayer times help people actually enjoy God for the first time, hearing His voice and feeling His nearness - not just talking about it but experiencing it.

  • 100's of people ditch nagging problems like suicidal thoughts, isolation, insecurity and depression every year at ONE.

  • The Word of God becomes alive to people like never before as God speaks to them personally and through the Bible.


We are ONE.

People looking for Jesus find Him near here. 

Our Story



  • The heart of who we are is found in JOHN 17. This is the only time in the Bible that we get a glimpse of Jesus' conversations with God, His Father. What does He pray? That you and I would be ONE in the same way that He and God were ONE. We are committed to living into all that Jesus Prayed for us and all that He made possible for us through His life, death and resurrection. We are here to help you connect to God and each other more.

ONE YESTERDAY - Christ Healing Center

  • Jack & Anna Marie Sheffield, Bitsy Rubsamen and thoughtful friends knew that San Antonians were looking for a place to experience and process the power of Jesus to heal all parts of us: body, soul (mind, will, emotions) and Spirit. There wasn't a place to learn about prayerful physical healing nor was there a space dedicated to healing of life's wounds through prayer. After years of travel, it was time for the Sheffields to land. Their passion and experience of God's goodness launched a local movement where heaven touched earth. Anyone could come with questions, hurts, needs or desires to experience the healing Presence of Jesus. The Sheffields opened Christ Healing Center in 2004 in rooms graciously furnished by Christ Church and Alamo Heights United Methodist Church. It wasn’t long before 135 W. Olmos Drive became our official home.

  • Cayce Harris lived in Memphis and was (thankfully!) experiencing the love of God like never before in her life through inner healing prayer. Paths crossed and years later, a common pursuit of connectedness and healing - the experiences of a normal vibrant spiritual life - created a partnership focused on serving San Antonio. Today Cayce serves as our Executive Director.

See a need for something like a ONE in your area?

We are glad to share what we've learned along the way if it can help you and your neighborhood. Inquire about consulting Here




Our Team



Cayce Harris, Executive Director

Cari Spielhagen, Director of Partnerships

Carol Sobey, Office Administrator

Hope Ince, Financial Reporting

Deborah Boggs,  Volunteer Team Coordinator

Rosalind Hervey, Community Equipping Leader

Sonia Roper,  Prayer House Coordinator & Teacher

Caroline Behrens, ONE Kids Coordinator

Deborah Daniels-Albrecht, Prayer Team Leader

Board of Directors

Brooke Peacock, Chairman

Bitsy Rubsamen, Chairman Emeritus

Jack Sheffield, Founder Emeritus

Justin Cook, Treasurer

Erin Clementson, Secretary

Cayce Harris, Executive Director

Ed Bierschenk

Ben Halbach

Debbie Rodgers